How do I kick my

Brand Awareness
Show Attendance
Event Sales
Sales Leads

into top gear?


Enter the race by letting people know you’re there and where to find you.   We can help you reach show attendees (or even non-attendees) with your message before an event.


We can display your message to anyone who searches your keywords, or visits websites which contain your keywords

For example, tell anyone who searches “AIMExpo” or “SEMA” that you’ll be at the show and to come see you in booth #1234 to get a free t-shirt.


If you have a list of your existing customers or targeted prospects, dealers, consumers, etc., we can use phone numbers and email addresses to create custom targeted ads which specify pre-show messaging for each list.


Accelerate your event ROI by connecting with attendees at the show with targeted messaging to create more one-to-one engagements. Through innovative use of the latest digital and mobile marketing tools, we can help you cut through the crowded chaos of shows with targeted, individualized messaging. Get the right prospects in your booth. Engage with more customers. Generate qualified sales leads from anywhere at the event.


We can map out specific locations and capture IDs on mobile devices with an open app (not exclusive to any particular app). This allows you to reach individual attendees by delivering high impact mobile ads to expand awareness at the show, drive traffic to your booth with event promotions, or send people to your landing or website.


Facebook advertising, using a “native” format in people’s personal news feeds, has proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach and convert targeted audiences.

We can place a 1-mile radius around your event location and serve targeted messages to people in that designated location during the dates specified.


At B2B tradeshows, key decision makers have a full schedule of vendors to meet, must-see exhibitors, and appointments. This means their receptivity to messaging during the show is diminished.  At consumer-oriented power sports events, there are races to watch, products to ride, things to buy. So how can you reach your audience when there's so much going on?

Our Captive Audience tool can deliver high-impact digital ads to any device connected to the venue or hotel Wi-Fi networks.  This means you can get your message across to your targeted audiences when they are more receptive–while working on their devices or relaxing in their hotel room.


Go full-throttle with your event marketing by extending your brand message or special offers with show attendees- AFTER the event has ended.  Or perhaps there’s some events you just can’t attend due to budget or other reasons. We can help you to promote your brand, products, or sales offers with attendees at any tradeshow or event... without the time, cost and hassle of being there.


We capture Mobile IDs from your designated trade show or events and match them with IP addresses at homes or business locations. This means we will be able to show your display ad to any device connected to that specific IP address….whether it's family members, friends, co-workers, or employees.

We help you connect with targeted audiences for 30-60 days after an event so you can expand your reach for brand awareness or promotions.  Our Mobile Audience Multiplier will multiply your event ROI or connect with event attendees without ever having to be there.

Why Use Us?

E3 Marketing Group has over 20 years of experience in the power sports and manufacturing industries. We have worked with power sports brands such as Yamaha, Polaris, BRP, Arctic Cat, Ski-Doo, Fox Racing, Khrome Werks, and Rival Motorsports. Our manufacturing industry experience includes working with companies like 3M, Graco, Lincoln Industries, and Lubrication Technologies.

Our technology partner, Nectere™, are experts in digital channel strategy, data sciences, digital media, and location marketing.

Together, we have the experience and expertise to accelerate your growth by using the latest in digital and media technologies to connect you with people who want to buy your products.